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Prophets, Priests & Kings


Michael Yearley

The Kingdom of Israel started with the rise of King Saul and lasted more than 400 years until the final siege and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC. It was the age of anointed kings, powerful prophets, and sacred priests. Join us as we trace the rise and fall of the kingdom — and explore the practical life lessons that flow out of the lives of these key leaders.

Pursuing God

One on One

Michael Yearley

God’s epic vision for our lives is transformation - but a transformed life doesn’t happen automatically! We need to learn how to pursue God - and not just in large groups on the weekends or small groups during the week. We also need to pursue him one on one. Join us as we learn how to create a “rhythm of relationship” that leads to deep renewal, true transformation, and a powerful connection with our Creator.

Loving People

Doing Relationships a Whole New Way

Michael Yearley

Most people know that Jesus calls us to love one another as He has loved us, but the reality is, we are not always sure what this looks like, or how to do this in real life. The good news is that the Bible is full of great teaching on how to live a life of love and build strong, deep, and authentic relationships. Come and join us as we explore how to do relationships in a whole new way – the Jesus way.