Interactive Sermon Studies

Sermon studies are the best and most popular way to engage your community beyond Sunday brunch and provide growth throughout the week. If you've already been taking advantage of this popular practice, here's how you make them available on the same platform as our popular Christian authors. This is a mobile-friendly alternative to your printable PDFs, with a focus on what your members really need to achieve spiritual growth through your message. 

It's like the YouVersion for your own sermon-based weekly study.

Your church can now offer your sermon videos embedded in your interactive studies? As a church, you are eligible to enable this feature WITHOUT paying for a PRO upgrade. Submit your information to get started.



Your free Publisher profile comes already equipped to create a Publication (book & study channel). If your church will be offering studies for sale or in bundles by series, topic, etc., you may benefit from multiple Publications. See an example here.

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Keep the Sunday conversation going with single-click study immersion

A Simple & Flexible Creative Platform


A Customizable front page for your promoted ebooks and original studies